Stannah Stairlifts Safety Reliability With Easy Pricing Installation

Stannah Stairlifts Safety’s our number one priority

Safety is something that we will just not compromise on and we take care in the design of our products. Our policy here at Stannah is to not only comply with all worldwide safety standards but to exceed them.

All our stairlifts travel at a nice comfortable pace and they’re all fitted with a seatbelt. Also fitted around the carriage and the footrest we have a series of safety sensitive edges so that whilst the stairlift is moving if it does come into contact with any obstruction then it will just come to a stop. All our stairlifts are battery powered so they don’t actually rely on mains continuous supply.

In the event of a power cut then the stairlift would still operate and it will actually work for around about 10 return journeys on an average staircase and all of the moving parts are guarded. If you want to disable the product there’s a key which you can remove and take away at which point the stairlift will not operate at all.

In the test centre here at Stannah we carry out rigorous testing.

We carry out reliability testing whereby we have products that will cycle up and down staircases twenty four hours a day for the equivalent of ten years life. We carry out fatigue testing whereby we subject our products to maximum load plus ten percent for over a hundred and twenty thousand cycles. We also carry static overload testing where we’ll subject the product to almost three quarters of a ton to make sure the products that we deliver to our customers are absolutely safe”

It doesn’t take long at all to install a Stannah stair lift and that is why its one of the best rated stair lifts. Because our stair lifts are fitted the stairs and not to the wall there’s no structural damage at all. On average it’ll take approximately 2-4 hours. Occasionally we may need to make slight alternations prior to the stairlift installation. For example we may need to re-site a radiator further down the hallway but we can arrange for the work to be done and we would include this in your quotation” “There’s very little mess created.

All of our installers carry a vacuum cleaner with them so any mess that is created they clean up after themselves” Steve Leathley — Chief Engineer: “Our installation engineers are very professional, highly skilled. They will not leave the home until the customer thoroughly understands how they use the product and are happy with the entire installation”

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