Stannah Stairlifts Safety Reliability With Easy Pricing Installation

Stannah Stairlifts Safety’s our number one priority

Safety is something that we will just not compromise on and we take care in the design of our products. Our policy here at Stannah is to not only comply with all worldwide safety standards but to exceed them.

All our stairlifts travel at a nice comfortable pace and they’re all fitted with a seatbelt. Also fitted around the carriage and the footrest we have a series of safety sensitive edges so that whilst the stairlift is moving if it does come into contact with any obstruction then it will just come to a stop. All our stairlifts are battery powered so they don’t actually rely on mains continuous supply.

In the event of a power cut then the stairlift would still operate and it will actually work for around about 10 return journeys on an average staircase and all of the moving parts are guarded. If you want to disable the product there’s a key which you can remove and take away at which point the stairlift will not operate at all.

In the test centre here at Stannah we carry out rigorous testing.

We carry out reliability testing whereby we have products that will cycle up and down staircases twenty four hours a day for the equivalent of ten years life. We carry out fatigue testing whereby we subject our products to maximum load plus ten percent for over a hundred and twenty thousand cycles. We also carry static overload testing where we’ll subject the product to almost three quarters of a ton to make sure the products that we deliver to our customers are absolutely safe”

It doesn’t take long at all to install a Stannah stair lift and that is why its one of the best rated stair lifts. Because our stair lifts are fitted the stairs and not to the wall there’s no structural damage at all. On average it’ll take approximately 2-4 hours. Occasionally we may need to make slight alternations prior to the stairlift installation. For example we may need to re-site a radiator further down the hallway but we can arrange for the work to be done and we would include this in your quotation” “There’s very little mess created.

All of our installers carry a vacuum cleaner with them so any mess that is created they clean up after themselves” Steve Leathley — Chief Engineer: “Our installation engineers are very professional, highly skilled. They will not leave the home until the customer thoroughly understands how they use the product and are happy with the entire installation”

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Walk-In Tubs Prices – How Much Do Walk In Bathtubs Cost?

No doubt, you’ve heard about the safety features and health benefits of a walk-in tub and may be curious about the cost and want to compare prices online.

Maybe you’ve even received a quote and want to compare prices? Perhaps you’re considering buying online and hiring your own installer. No question about it, price is an important factor but, of course, not the only factor. Things like performance, durability, service and warranties will be important to you, too. While walk-in tubs may look the same, there are actually some very significant differences. So how can you tell if the walk-in tub you are considering is top quality? One of the best ways is to look at the warranty. Lower quality tubs will usually have a one to five year warranty.

And, very often, that warranty will not cover all of the tub’s components. The best quality walk-in tubs have lifetime warranties that cover everything. Buying a tub from a big box store or purchasing it online, means you’ll, probably need to arrange for your own installation.

Typically, this involves having to locate, hire, coordinate and supervise a plumber, carpenter and an electrician. Costs can add up quickly to say nothing of the headaches that can result from having to manage a complex project like this. An alternative is to do business with a local company that specializes in walk-in tubs and provides professional installation from a team of experienced installers. A full-service company will not only handle all of the installation details, they will also insure that the tub operates properly.

What’s more, dealing with a local specialist right in your own neighborhood, means there is someone physically nearby to call should you need service for any reason. So what should you expect to pay for a top quality, professionally installed walk-in tub? Prices can range from $15,000 to $20,000 and up. Medi-spa has been making and installing premium walk-in tubs since 1997. From the beginning, the company’s goal has been to offer superior quality at affordable prices and they back up that commitment with a low price guarantee that assures buyers they will not find comparable quality at a lower cost anywhere.

If you’re looking for a premium walk-in tub with installation customized to your individual needs and a limited lifetime warranty that’s backed by a full-service, local company, Medi-Spa would be an excellent choice. The tubs are even made in America.

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Is solar energy really going to get us all living green?

Solar Home Energy: What is it for?

Solar energy—this term basically does not cause a stirring in the mind as the explanation that comes at hand is indeed too simple. Everyone knows what is meant by solar energy, and that is, the energy that comes from the sun. In its most basic sense, solar energy and other solar home equipment are nonetheless environment-friendly and not risky at all. But then you need not become one fine environmentalist first before you will be able to come across with whatever advantageous benefit solar home energy has.

Why is the solar home energy said to be environment-friendly? What are its general benefits? Practically speaking, when solar home energy is used, the electrical bills tremendously go down as compared to the other type of home energy available for all people. Why would you pay for such expensive bills when all you need to do is to employ solar home energy?

Another major advantage of the solar home energy is the absence of the very complicated and dangerous wiring. Solar energy lights in the garden path or any other solar energy-powered items used in your home are ready to be installed less the wiring to be dealt with. In reality, these solar light bulbs are equipped with darkness sensors so they need not be turned on to give off light and they need not be turned off as well when they are no longer needed.

As a sort of simple explanation, the solar light bulbs will simply have to be purchased, taken out of the boxes, installed, and then presto! You just have to situate them where you want them to be and never worry about them ever again.

A List of the Benefits of Solar home Energy

Why is the solar home energy equally beneficial? Why is it more recommended for use? Here are some of its benefits which are truly worth the attention to be graced by anyone:

Solar home energy is environmentally friendly. As mentioned a while ago, solar home energy will not harm the environmental features. It is specifically clean and renewable as well. More so, it does not cause pollution just like what the rest of the traditional electrical forms do.

Solar home energy systems need the least maintenance. They are not fuel-powered so no need to buy the refills.

Solar home energy makes you save a lot of money. The energy that is derived from the sun can be accessed for free as you make use of solar lights, solar panels, and the likes. The federal government most of the time gives out financial incentives. You don’t get affected by the rise of the fuel rates since you are using solar home energy.

Making use of the solar home energy makes you entirely independent from the foreign and centralized energy sources. Power outages will not likely affect you in any manner.

Most of the solar energy items are very easy to install thus lessening the complicated work of the wiring systems.

Some Common Disadvantages of the Solar Home Energy

Of course the disadvantages will not be taken aside. Here are some of the most common disadvantages of the solar home energy:

The employment of a solar home energy can be expensive at first. But as time passes by, it becomes light to the pocket.

The strength of the solar home energy will relatively depend on the location of your home in relation with its facing to the sun. Also, the area of your home is another point to consider. You will need large areas to install the solar panels.

The Various Solar Energy Items

There are lots of solar energy devices that you may opt to buy. Included are the solar flashlights, solar heaters, car ventilators, solar video cameras, solar radios, solar pool purifier, solar mosquito inhibitor, solar lighting, and solar fountain pumps.

What You Must Do

Back in the earlier years, solar energy powered devices were very costly that very few homeowners made use of the solar home energy. But these days, small volumes of solar energy devices are put up for sale therefore making it affordable for all. If you don’t have enough money to fund these items you can always start small or contact a reputable solar business such as for help and advice.

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Choosing The Right HVAC For a Small Apartment

Heating and cooling are crucial aspects of any home which shouldn’t be ignored. However, heating and cooling requirements vary with the size of the house and its location. If you live in an apartment, heating and cooling requirements of units at ground level are different from those on the upper floors. Apartment developers understand this issue but may not meet it properly due to the costs involved.

There is also a difference between heating and cooling (as can be seen in this home projects central air con install price guide ) a small apartment compared to a larger one. The difference mainly arises in winter or summer during extreme temperatures. As such, you will need a heating and cooling system that can reliably regulate temperatures in your entire house to ensure the whole family is comfortable. If you are thinking of buying an HVAC unit for a small apartment, you need to consider a couple of things to get the most out of it.

Here are the factors to consider.

Power consumption
Fuel used
Zoning capability
Efficiency ratings

Power Requirements of the HVAC System

Power requirements depend on the space that needs to be conditioned. If you live in a small apartment, you don’t need a big air conditioner that will only consume more energy while working below its optimal performance. On the other hand, a small unit will struggle to maintain the right conditions in your apartment. It will leave your house with too much humidity and dampness during cold weather and will fail to keep it cool on hot days. In the end, it will undergo faster wear and tear and fail sooner than you imagined.

Piece Of Old Hvac Used To Fix My Belt

Type of Fuel Used

Furnaces that run from natural gas or oil are bulky and cannot be installed in apartment units. They work better when installed in home basements as opposed to the main unit of an apartment. On the other hand, there are portable HVAC systems and furnaces that do run on electricity. These are lighter and easier to install. Check reputable online service such as boiler quotes to see what options are currently available. The best units for apartments are the standalone air con units that are mounted on the wall and are completely separate from the furnace. These are the best option when it comes to heating single rooms and small apartment units.

Zoning Capability

Having a small apartment doesn’t mean that every room will be occupied at all times. Given that normal air conditioners heat and cool every room to the set temperatures at all times, it is clear that a lot of energy is wasted heating unoccupied rooms. You can counter this issue by purchasing a system with a zoning capability. Zoning makes HVAC systems more practical and energy efficient, hence lowering utility and energy costs.

Efficiency Ratings

Do you care about the environment or wasteful energy usage? It’s important to find an energy efficient air conditioner. HVAC units aren’t all the same and some will use more electricity than others. Modern units have a more energy efficient rating and make a good pick for any apartment over the older HVAC systems. Check for the available Energy Star units online by visiting and choose the one with the highest rating since it will be the most energy efficient or check with your local area certified plumber.

The Existing Ductwork

Did you know that HVAC ductwork could have a significant effect on your heating and cooling bills? Inspect the existing ductwork in your apartment to ensure that any holes that may cause heat loss are sealed off. Holes and cracks in the ductwork will allow air to escape. This can reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system by up to 20 percent.

Warranties and Service Contracts

With the current economic times, most homeowners will always opt for cheaper heating and cooling systems. However, think beyond the price and into factors like possible damages or your value for money. Buy reputable brands. This option will save you money over the lifespan of the system. A good boiler brands will have extended warranties which last longer than other systems.

While getting the right HVAC for a small apartment isn’t an easy process, you have to follow it up with proper installation services. Always use a skilled installation contractor with a good portfolio. If you want your new HVAC system to carry its warranty it will need to be installed properly.

Lowes Secret Window Replacement Price Discounts

Shopping strategies to save money

I have been shopping at Home Depot since they first opened to buy many different products for my remodeling company. I’ve found several shopping strategies over the years. Most of these money saving tips are legit, a few are a bit sneaky because they exploit Home Depot’s system.

Home Depot credit card

Home Depot normally offers a 5% discount on the first purchase when opening a credit card with them. They also offer 6 months deferred interest on every purchase of $299.00 or more. Occasionally they offer promotions of 10% on your first purchase or deferred interest. It is best to purchase everything you need this first purchase because it is only allowed one time. Or you can choose deferred interest during this promo of 12 months on a purchase of 299.00 or more, 18 months deferred on $999.00+, or 24 months on $1999.00+. During this promo it’s either the 10% discount or the deferred interest on your first purchase. Once again it’s best to purchase as much as possible on your first purchase to save the most money.

Home Depot also offers a commercial credit card which saves 5% on every purchase, but you must have a business to qualify. There is also a Project Loan offer which has the best interest of all their credit programs. This is a bank loan that is used exclusively on materials for large remodeling projects purchased at Home Depot. You would need to ask an associate for full details on these loans, as they are specific to each customer’s circumstance.


Sneaky ways to save money

Home Depot has policies that can be exploited to your advantage and even though they know about these policy exploits they still allow them.

Using your new credit card you can max it out on your first purchase and buy more than you need at a discount of 5% normally or 10% during one of their credit promos. Then return the products you don’t need without your receipt and do not tell them you bought the things with your card. They will give you a gift card for the full price of the products, which you can use to buy other products when you need them.

You can also purchase clearance items at one store and return them to a different Home Depot store where they are not on clearance without a receipt to get a full refund on a gift card. They will not allow you to return a gift card, it must be used in one of their stores or online. You can do this same thing with their competitor match program, explained further down on this webpage. You simply use their match program to get a 10% discount and then return it later without your receipt for a full refund on a gift card. Or buy a damaged product at a discount and then later return it for a full refund on a gift card without your receipt.

Home Depot Apron

Sign Codes

Just as Len Rapoport discovered at Costco, Home Depot also has price sign codes, I imagine most retail stores have them. For Home Depot if the price ends in .66 cents the item has been marked down. Products are marked down for many reasons. Sometimes they are slow moving (selling slowly), damaged (still usable or maybe package is damaged),a special order that was returned, etc. Buying slightly damaged products can save you money. For example a door that is only primed and scratched can save you money and is easy to fix when you paint it. A sales associate or specialist in the millwork department can mark it down for you.

Occasionally you may see a sign that was marked down to .01 cent, this is a code stating that this item can no longer be sold. The product will more than likely be donated or thrown in the trash. This code was put on a product telling associates to remove the product from the shelf and take it back to receiving to be correctly processed.

Green Tag

Green Tag offering 25% discount.

Green Tags

Green Tags are special order products that have been returned and discounted. They may be doors, lowes replacement windows, flooring, or many other items. These items may have been returned because either they were made to the wrong specs by the manufacturer, they were ordered incorrectly by an associate, or the customer changed their minds when they received the item. Either way they were returned and so they will be sold at a 25% discount from the original price. Sometimes the discount is even more. Occasionally these green tag items (aka value bin) items may be slightly damaged, so check them thoroughly before purchasing them. Green tag items can be a huge discount on expensive products. Green tags will show the current price and the was (original) price.

Yellow Tag

Clearance signs are yellow

Yellow Tags

Yellow Tag signs on items are products that are being discontinued and marked down. When these sell out they will not be re-ordered. These tags will also show the discounted cost and the was cost of the product. As you can see the clearance tags do not end in .66 cents, only the green tags and manually marked down products do.

Yellow Clearance Sign

Two part clearance tag.

Green Tag

Green tag discounted more than 25%.

Price Sign

A regular price sign.

More info on Green Tags

This Green Tag has been marked down more than 25% and shows additional information. The reason it was marked down more than 25% may be because it has been there for a while and on it’s second Green Tag or is slightly damaged. The hand written number at the top is the original purchase order number (PO#). The Was price and the Now price. The description of the product, a door made by the Feather River Company and details about the door. The original special order SKU. The manager’s signature who approved the mark down and the reason code explaining why it was marked down. Above that is the original date is was marked down.

Several Codes in most Home Depot signs

Other codes are location of product in the store, the SKU number and UPC number with its bar code. The SKU number is an item number Home Depot uses to track the product, each product has it’s own SKU number.

Home Depot puppy

woof woof

Working with the correct orange apron

Another shopping strategy is to work with the correct associate in the store. Most associates know only the products within their own departments and their area of expertise. In all of the stores there are a handful of associates who can help you more than any others and they are not always the managers. Managers have the authority to mark things down more than others, but it is not always in their best interest to do so. The best associates to get deals from are the full time special order specialists in flooring, doors & windows, the pro-contractor sales associates, or custom kitchen designers. These specialists can normally get you the best deals and will talk to the managers on your behalf to mark products down for you. They are not paid commissions on their sales, but they are tracked on how much money they bring into the stores. Specialists are recognized by customer feedback and so their monetary raise depends on making you happy. Every manager makes a bonus on the profit the store earns and so they may be hesitant to give the best deals. You can always tell who the “go to” people are by watching who associates and other departments are asking the most questions. It is in these few associates best interest to give you the best deals. Because it also helps them grow their sales numbers, no matter how much they mark an item down. Using a smart shopping strategy takes a little time and patience. These few “go to” people are who you want to be dealing with to get the best deals.

Millwork Desk

Millwork desk in a Philadelphia Home Depot store.

Purchase in bulk

Another way to save money is to make large purchases, find window replacement estimates online or purchase in bulk. Pro contractor associates and a few specialists can use what they call the “Bid Room”. To run a purchase through the bid room it must total over $2500.00 before sales tax and can be many different products combined together. Only a few associates have access to this feature, as it is supposed to be reserved for contractors. But the best specialists, your “go to” associates will have access to it or can guide you to someone who does. A customer does not have to be in business to get this discount, if they work with the right associate. Running an order through the bid room can have different results depending on the purchase. The most immediate and biggest discount will probably be items bought off the shelf, but special orders can also qualify. Custom special orders almost never qualify. The discount is normally about 5%, but can be more in certain cases. Running special orders through the bid room may need a day or two to get the results because they are often looked over at corporate headquarters before qualifying for a discount amount. Rather than buying a few items today and a few more tomorrow, buy them all at the same time if they total over $2500.00 to get this discount. This discount cannot be combined with another promo, except for vendor promo’s.

Secret ways to save money

Save money

Secret store sales and vendor promotions

Occasionally there are secret (unadvertised) store sales and vendor promotions. The secret store sales are on special order products only and called “closed quote” sales, normally a 10% discount (on rare occasions 15%) on all special orders in that department for a period of time. The vendor promotions are usually advertised and can be combined with store promos and discounts. Even if an assistant manager (ASM) tells you they cannot be combined, they actually can. Always ask your “go to” specialist who the best ASM is to get the best deals, because they will know. Home Depot promotions cannot be combined, such as a closed quote promo and a military discount. Home Depot discounts can only be combined with a vendor promo, because the store is not “double dipping” markdown promotions in that case. Also custom made special orders cannot be used with any type of promo, simply because it is a custom made product that is not mass produced. It would be up to the ASM or store manager to decide if they will allow a military markdown in that case.

Weekly flyer from Home Depot

Every week there are advertised sales published in the mailer and the Sale of the Day online. There are many sale items posted on the Home Depot web page. There is also the price match program where Home Depot will price match the same product from one of its competitors and then mark it down 10% below the competitor price. But it must be the same product and the same brand that is sold on Home Depot’s shelf, this does not include special order items. They also offer a 10% military discount with an active military card. On Veteran’s Day they honor all military cards, not only active military cards.

Favorite place to shop

Where do you like to shop for building and home supplies?

Home Depot


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Safe Online Banking Tips

Safe Online Banking

Tablet computers are fast becoming a popular alternative for the PC. This is due to several reasons including instant startup, versatility, and portability and battery life. This has prompted major banks to jump on the bandwagon with their own tablet apps. However, this has also opened the probability of attacks on your tablet. Using the example of huntington online banking, I give a few pointers to safe online banking on your tablet computer.

Safe Online Banking Tips

  • Do not store banking ID or passwords in your tablets. It makes it easier to access accounts but it also becomes vulnerable when you lose your tablet or it gets stolen.
  • Clear your browser cache. To speed up internet browsing, browsers usually store basic copies of webpages including those that may contain your banking information.
  • Always log out. This is a crucial safety practice that many people fail to do when they have finished banking.
  • Only use certified apps. It is very important that you use apps supplied or advised by your bank. Do not just use any app on the internet to do your banking as you never know the code in these apps. You must also only download from official app stores.
  • Do not open emails with links from banks. Banks rarely send emails with links to clients advising the click on the link so treat any emails with very high suspicion and forward them to your bank.
  • Do not do your banking in public. It is also advisable not to do your banking in public areas. However, if you must then be aware of the people around you as some people may look over your shoulder and steal your information.
  • Do not use public WiFi. Everybody wants free WiFi but it is also open ground for thieves to steal your banking information. As much as possible, use secured networks.
  • Secure your device. Set a passcode for your device and a PIN for your SIM. However, do not use the same PIN for your login – always use something different.
  • Set a hard passcode.When creating a PIN or passcode always choose something that people will not easily guess like your date of birth. Instead, create something unique and follow these simple rules:
    • It must be more than 7 characters (the longer the better);
    • Combine all caps with small caps;
    • Use alphanumeric characters, and;
    • Include symbols.
  • Lock your device. Set your device to lock automatically. This should prevent any unwanted prying eyes when you leave the device unattended.
  • Say no jailbreakers. Never do your banking on jailbroken devices.
  • Get security. Install a security app on your tablet.
  • Contact your bank. If you lose your device, have questions or concerns then do not hesitate to contact your bank.

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A Huge Misconception about Online Marketing

Many people hold the belief that sales and marketing has to be pushy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sales and marketing is about making people aware of what you offer and creating the opportunity for people to make a decision based on their wants and needs.

The Psychology of Colors in Marketing


If you believe in what you do, you owe it to your market to let them know what you offer. To not do this is a disservice to your market.

Primary reasons people won’t succeed at marketing:

• Fear of the unknown
• Not knowing what to do
• Not knowing who their target market is
• Trying to be all things to all people
• Using a shotgun approach
• Not budgeting for marketing
• Lack of time
• Poor planning
• Being too scattered
• Chasing after the next get-rich-quick scheme

My goal for you is that you fully understand the blessing that sales and
marketing is to you and your business.

The fact is, if you want to succeed in your chosen business endeavors you
absolutely must know how to market, who your market is, what the market
perception of you and your business is, market trends, and how it all fits

Countless entrepreneurs never take the time to do a proper analysis before
delving into their product and service development, marketing, sales and
delivery to the market. This can prevent maximum success for a business.

What You Absolutely Must Know


Marketing at its finest.

As you begin to develop your marketing strategies keep in mind some of the most important aspects of marketing.

You have to know who your market is and is not. You must know your limits including budget, time and resources. You have to know who you want to do business with and who wants to do business with you. You need to know what sets you apart from your competition. You absolutely must know and understand your unique selling proposition. And you must continually evaluate who your market is and is not.

You also have to know what motivates your market to take action. In most
cases it boils down to four primary areas. They want to increase revenues,
increase productivity, decrease costs or increase the quality of their personal or professional life.

The more you can pinpoint specifically what they want the easier your job in development and delivery of products and services becomes.

Author’s Bio:

Discover success insights from experts around the globe who are out there making a difference and making a great living in the process. Kathleen Gage interviews the best of the best with Power Up for Profits Podcast.

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Tiffany’s Jewelry Is A Brand Name That We Think Is Awesome

Tiffany’s Jewelry Is A Brand Name That We Think Is Important

Tiffany’s jewelry is a name recognised by lot of people today because of the way we attach a specific interest in the brand name of whatever we purchase. This is true of everything from cars and clothing to dish soap and bottled water. However, brand names seem to be highly important when it comes to jewelry.

Most people, on admiring a piece of jewelry want to know what it cost, but they often will not ask unless they know the person very well. For those that do not feel comfortable or do not want to offend by asking what a piece of jewelry cost, the next ‘best’ question is where the piece of jewelry come from or what did ‘brand’ is it.

By finding this out, it is then much easier to find out what the piece of jewelry cost. Tiffany’s jewelry is seen to be one of the most highly regarded brand names in the world andalso one of the most expensive.

Why Buy Tiffany’s Jewelry

Many people cannot even afford to buy Tiffany’s jewelry but for those that can the quality is generally why people purchase there, as well as the prestige that comes from owning a piece of their jewelry. This is not to say that Tiffany’s jewelry does not come in a wide variety of prices, but only that it is generally the more ‘elite’ crowd that will make their jewelry purchases there.

Those that work normal jobs and have what most people would consider being middle-income, ‘average’ jobs would not look to buying Tiffany’s jewelry because it would be cost prohibitive. In many ways this is unfortunate because Tiffany’s jewelry is often very beautiful and unique, and certainly more people would like to have find jewelry such as can be purchased there.

For those that can purchase there, they are assured that they are getting high-quality and unique pieces that they will not be able to go to another jewelry store and find, for the same price or lower if at all, and this is very important to individuals that have the money and the desire to own something that no one else has.

Quality versus Price

Quality is important, of course, but price is also a concern for many people. Even some people that would be considered ‘rich’ are still careful with their money….which is often how they ended up rich in the first place. For individuals such as this, Tiffany’s jewelry might not be the right way to go due to the fact that the price is so high.

However, the quality is also highly significant and important, and those people that desire high quality for their jewelry may want to keep Tiffany’s jewelry in mind if it is something that falls into their price range and purchasing capabilities.

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Healthy Environment For Self Esteem

Healthy Environment For Self Esteem

Healthy self esteem originates in the environment found in the: family, school, peer group, work place, and community. There are certain characteristics of your environment that need to be present in order for self esteem to be fostered and grow.

The main component of a healthy environment for self esteem is that it needs to be nurturing. It should provide unconditional warmth, love, and caring. It needs to provide the realization that other people are recognized as deserving to be nurtured, reinforced, rewarded, and bonded to.

Healthy environment for self esteem transmits messages of warmth, loving, and caring by physical touch, meeting the survival needs of food, clothing and shelter, and providing a sense of stability and order in life.

A healthy environment for self esteem should provide acceptance. It will recognize that other people see each other as worthy individuals who have a unique set of personality characteristics, skills, abilities, and competencies making them special. Acceptance enables people to develop relationships wit others, yet maintain healthy boundaries of individuality within themselves.

In the healthy environment for self esteem should be good communication, everyone should be heard and responded to in a healthy way so that healthy problem solving is possible. Appropriate giving and receiving of feedback is encouraged and rewarded. Communicating at a “feelings” level is a mode of operation for these people, allowing them to be in touch with their emotions in a productive manner.

The healthy environment for self esteem must contain recognition and acceptance of people for who they are. That recognition and acceptance should not be based on the condition that they must first conform to a prescribed standard of behavior or conduct. This is unhealthy. Unconditional recognition and acceptance given in the form of support allows individuals to reach their ultimate potential.

The healthy environment for self esteem should be clearly defined and enforced limits known to individuals with no hidden tricks or manipulation. Limits set the structure for the lives of individuals, allowing clear benchmarks of appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Limits enable individuals to recognize their responsibilities and to chart their course of behavior in a rational way.

Respect and latitude for individual action within the defined limits of the healthy environment for self esteem should be present as well. This encourages individuals to use their creativity, ingenuity, and imagination to be productive within the established structure. Restrictions that suppress individuality can lead to a narrow focus, with people becoming stunted and handicapped in the use of their personal skills, abilities, and resources.

Finally, healthy environment for self esteem should be bonding, which is the physical/emotional phenomenon between individuals and the others in their environment. This is necessary for the development of healthy self esteem. Bonding is forming a mutual emotional attachment between an individual and a “significant other” (parent, child, friend, lover, etc.). This involves the significant other giving unconditional love and support as well as developing an emotional link between each other.

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High End Fashion Store

Shopping For Branded Shoes

Experimenting with the unusual art of making high-end shoes and keeping the glamour of elegance as the watchwords of the millennium’s fashion, a great number of dedicated, well renowned companies have come up with the astoundingly huge assortment of shoes to complement the modern fashion. The revolutionary designs of these brands of shoes have brought a dramatic change to the world of footwear fashion – this is beyond all controversy. The very fascinating thing about these branded shoes is that they have enticed millions of fashion conscious people of all ages through out the globe with their awesome degree of durability, great deal of beauty and aesthetic feel of comfort. Hence, when it comes to shopping for the shoes of some well-known brands, it is advisable to look for all these features.

However, while plannig to shop for the branded shoes it would be wise to schedule your shopping when and only when you have enough of free time to devote on. This is one of the most significant criterions to be considered seriously in this regard. Among so many high profile brands the worth mention are, however, Aerosoles, Bennie, Birkenstock, Clark, Dansko, Dr. Martens, Earth, Easy Spirit, Geox, Hush Puppies, Klogs USA, LL Bean, MBT, Naturalizer, New Balance and etc. While some of these brands are more devoted to style, some others to durability. But as a matter of fact, all these esteemed brands of shoes are designed keeping in mind the most vital components — the ergonomic designs to complement the modern fashion, soft and high-grade leathers to ensure ultimate comfort and inspirational detailing to promote unique look. All of these high profile brands have brought forth a vast spectrum of models and designs to satisfy the demand of varied types of customers.

All these things merge together to make these shoes quite expensive and hence prior to setting out for shopping for these shoes it is mandatory to frame out a proper budget. Financial planning and budgeting one of the most effective steps and have always been a great idea, especially when the matter encompasses a serious issue like shopping for the expensive branded shoes.

However, shopping for the branded shoes warrants certain serious cautions. The unscrupulous manufacturers of the shoes are engaged in producing duplicate products by copying these high-end brands. This is where the inexperienced general mass sometimes gets totally confused. Hence, it is better to go to the genuine well-established stores who are engaged in selling the branded shoes for years.

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